Gastvortrag: Heike Wiese (Universität Potsdam), 11.06.2012

16. April 2012; Eric Fuß

Gastvortrag: Heike Wiese (Universität Potsdam)

Titel: Language contact and dialect formation: The case of ‘Kiezdeutsch’

Termin: 11.06.2012

Zeit: 17:30 Uhr

Ort: KII, Raum 17.11

Abstract: Urban Germany, and similarly other European countries, witnesses the development of new, multiethnic and multilingual speech communities who support new variants of the majority language (e.g., Fraurud 2003, Cornips 2004, Quist 2008, Wiese 2009, Kerswill 2010), in particularly among the especially dynamic group of young, adolescent speakers, but not necessarily restricted to them (cf. Rampton 2012). I am going to discuss this new kind of language variation and show how the internal dynamics of the grammatical system of German and a highly multilingual context with its wealth of language contact situations work together in the formation of a new German dialect, ‘Kiezdeutsch’.