Gastvortrag: Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge); 07.01.2013

5. November 2012; Marcel Pitteroff

Gastvortrag: Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge)

Titel: Diachronic Linguistics and Evolutionary Linguistics

Termin: 07.01.2013

Uhrzeit: 17:30 - 19:00 Uhr

Ort: KII, Raum M. 17.52
In this talk I will first clarify the distinction between these two areas, and then discuss the questions raised for both areas by the apparent time-depth at which we may be able to locate the origin of the language faculty in modern humans. I will also speculate on the relations between the concept of "Proto-World" (the prehistoric origin of all currently spoken languages) and "protolanguage" (a simpler precursor to language as we know it today).