Workshop and Public Lecture with Prof. Colin Allen, Indiana University, Bloomington, 28./29.5.2014

12. Mai 2014; Nadja Schauffler

Workshop and Public Lecture with Prof. Colin Allen, Indiana University, Bloomington

Workshop: The Future of Meaning: Pragmatics before Semantics

Termin: 28.-29. Mai 2014

Location: Universität Stuttgart

In this workshop we will investigate the possibility of reversing the usual order of explanation of context-sensitive interpretation. Instead of viewing meanings as Grice-style inferences from prior known, fixed or literal meanings, we will consider the possibility that so-called literal meanings are, rather, abstractions from a sea of variable interpretations -- a kind of modeler's fiction that nevertheless is useful for explanation and prediction. In this approach, information-theoretic and semiotic approaches to communication converge on an account of human and animal communication that holds out the prospect for a more continuous understanding of the evolution of communication and language that does not exaggerate either the similarities or the differences between human language and other forms of animal communication.

Public evening lecture on digital humanities: Expertise with Words

Termin  28. Mai 2014, 19 Uhr

Location: Universität Stuttgart, M 11.31



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