"Naming Matters". Workshop on the Logic of Proper Names. 19.-20. December 2014, University of Stuttgart

17. Dezember 2014; Nadja Schauffler

Cutting edge philosophical and linguistic insights on the logic of proper names. Naming Matters is a workshop with the world’s leading researchers on proper names, the Stuttgart Circle on logic, and the Student Representatives of Philosophy of the University of Stuttgart.

Invited speakers/discussants are:

  • Hans Kamp
  • Artemis Alexiadou
  • Tillmann Pross
  • Tomoo Ueda
  • Hazel Pearson
  • Jonathan Mai

When: 19 and 20 December 2014

Where: The workshop will take place in room M 11.01 (11th floor) of the building “ KII” (Keplerstraße 17) on the campus “Stadtmitte” of the University of Stuttgart which is located in the centre of the city.

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Martin Maga (University of Stuttgart)
Valerie Berthoud (University of Stuttgart)
Marcel Joos (University of Stuttgart)
Jonathan Mai (University of Heidelberg)
Phillip Weiss (University of Stuttgart)