Workshop "Rhythm in Language", 11. December 2015

17. August 2015; Nadja Schauffler



Ulrike Domahs
(Universität Bozen)

"Factors influencing rhythmical processing: stress shift direction and task effects"
10:45 Gerrit Kentner
(Universität Frankfurt)
"On being led up the rhythmic garden path: misheard lyrics and misread sentences"
11:30 Coffee  
12:00 Petra Wagner
(Universität Bielefeld)
"Methodological and Theoretical Aspects of Measuring Rhythm and Prominence"
12:45 Lunch  
14:30 Maria Paula Roncaglia-Denissen
(Universität Amsterdam)
"The role of first and second language speech rhythm in syntactic ambiguity processing"
15:15 Nadja Schauffler
(Universität Stuttgart)
"The role of rhythm in the prosodic realisation of contrastive focus"

When: 11. December 2015

Where: The workshop will take place in building “KII” (Keplerstraße 17), room 17.71, (seventh floor), on the campus “Stadtmitte” of the University of Stuttgart which is located in the centre of the city.

Regisration is free but please write to nadja.schauffler<AT> if you would like to come.

Nadja Schauffler und Sabine Zerbian (Institut für Linguistik/Anglistik, Universität Stuttgart)