Workshop "Theories and methods in eye-tracking research", 15./16. Dezember 2015

13. Oktober 2015; Nadja Schauffler

Workshop "Theories and methods in eye-tracking research"

Invited speakers:

  • Tom Foulsham (University of Essex)
  • Moreno Coco (University of Edinburgh)

When: 15./16. December 2015

Where: The workshop will take place in "Casino" building “K4” (Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24) on the campus “Stadtmitte” of the University of Stuttgart which is located in the centre of the city.

The Expsy group


Eye tracking is a widely used technique to uncover the mechanisms underlying human information processing. In this workshop, we will discuss theories, methods and analyses necessary for understanding, designing and carrying out empirical studies using eye tracking. We will focus on studies using eye tracking across a spectrum of paradigms mostly tapping into language and vision. Sessions will include lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and exercises regarding the analysis of experimental data. On the first day, we will introduce eye tracking methodology and paradigms from reading and visual cognition (e.g., search task), and teach the participants to extract from the data, the basic measures that are widely reported in the literature. On the second day, we will go on to examine recent work looking at eye movements in complex, realistic stimuli and the interaction between vision and language. In the lab session, participants will learn to align fixations to speech, model fixation data distributed over a time-course, and perform scan-pattern similarity analyses.  There will also be time for the participants of the workshop to practice example data or the results of their own experiments. By the end of the workshop participants will build an understanding of eye movement methodology in order to carry out state-of-the-art investigations in vision, language, and human cognition at large.


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